Budget Monitor 01 12 2016

Community Budget Advocates to Monitor Implementation 2016 State Budgets

A group of grassroots transparency and accountability activists from Kano, Abia, Bayelsa, Delta, Akwa Ibom and Nasarawa states have concluded plans to monitor the implementation of the 2016 budgets of their various states. The plan was fine-tuned during a one-day capacity building workshop for budgets activists drawn from the six states which held at Abuja on the 1st of December 2016.The capacity building workshop was designed to provide a select group of activists working in the area of transparency, accountability and citizens’ participation with needed budget analysis, monitoring and advocacy skills. Armed with the skills, these grassroots activists will proceed to monitor the implementation of their various state budgets. Evidence generated from the monitoring process will form the basis of advocacy campaigns for greater openness in budget development and implementation.
The meeting also provided an avenue for campaigners in 6 states across 4 geo political zones in Nigeria to share experiences on transparency and accountability initiatives undertaken.
Speaking on the purpose of the budget advocacy programme of Social Action, Prince Ekpere said “currently the campaign for transparency, accountability and the prudent use of resources seems to be restricted to the federal government alone. We hardly see an equal measure of activism around the same principles at the state levels. The reality is that states and local government together take a larger share of revenues. They need to account for these revenues and use it in manners that promote the commonwealth. Our budget intervention is meant to contribute significantly to the start of a movement centered around participatory fiscal governance as well as prudent and accountable use of public resources”
The one-day workshop was attended by over 30 grassroots activists.