Social Action And Edo Civil Society Organizations To Engage Governorship Candidates On Open Budget And Accountability

Social Action and Edo Civil Society Organizations to engage Governorship Candidates on Open Budget and Accountability

In line with its mandate to ensure that government policies meet the needs of citizens in a transparent and accountable manner, Social Action and partner Edo Civil Society Organizations Forum are organizing a citizens’ town hall meeting aimed at providing an opportunity for citizens to interact with candidates seeking election to the office of governor of Edo state.

State Budgets Should Not Be Treated As Secret Documents

State Budgets Should not be treated as Secret Documents

Being a Press Statement Released by Social Action, Niger Delta Citizens and Budget Platform and Partners

It is worrying that at the sixth month of the fiscal year, Rivers state, Akwa Ibom state, Bayelsa state and Delta state have not deemed it appropriate to make copies of their annual budgets available on the state official websites or otherwise for public access. This is the high point of a tradition of executive and legislative secrecy which has become common practice in the aforementioned states.

Social Action Call For Closer CSO And Media Collaboration On Open Budgets

Social Action Call for Closer CSO and Media Collaboration on Open Budgets

Social Action has called for more robust collaboration and synergy between civil society organizations and media establishment in the Niger Delta in the campaign for open, transparent and accountable budgets. This call was made during a Roundtable meeting organized by Social Action to discuss possible areas of joint actions and support in advocacy for good governance.

Monitoring Report

Monitoring Report

This report contains findings of budget monitors who were on the field for a period of one week examining projects allocated funds in the2015 budget of Rivers state. The budget monitoring team consisted of a community volunteer and three others; as well as a member of staff of Social Action.