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The Niger Delta Citizens and Budget Platform Begins Monitoring of Projects in 5 Niger Delta States

The Niger Delta Citizens and Budget Platform will this week begin the monitoring of projects allocated funds in the 2013 budgets of five Niger Delta states of Rivers, Edo, Delta, Bayelsa and Akwa Ibom. The month -long budget monitoring programme is focused on the education, health and food sufficiency allocations of the sub national budgets with primary interest in arriving at an independent citizens’ score card of government budget performance in those sectors.

The Budget Platform had earlier embarked on a detailed analysis of the state budgets with, emphasis on the income and expenditure trend of the states, level of compliance with transparency and accountability mechanisms, performance of the previous year’s budget and the priority which the governments place on the key sectors of the state. After the exercise, the Budget Platform intends to engage key state officials and other stakeholders in town hall meetings aimed at creating forums where citizens and government will interact on budget and development expectations.

Previous budget advocacy activities have resulted in increased awareness of citizens fiscal rights, while reducing cases of fiscal fiat and mismanagement of resources.

A detailed report of the findings will accompany the exercise.